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Nihon Kumite

"Two steps-Three techniques training sequence"is an original system of prearranged Kumite training.

Importance of a prearranged Kumite training can not be overemphasized in Karate-Do: it is the only completely safe and controlled way to actually enhance already acquired techniques through Kata and Kihon diligent practice.




All reasonable precautions must be taken to preserve health and safety of the partners practicing these techniques.


When, back in 1997, a breakthrough book “Ultimate Karate” by Kancho Takemasa Okuyama was introduced to the public, that was the very first attempt in karate literature to connect practice of Heian Katas with appropriately designed Kumite, Sanbon Kumite as well as Bunkai (Dai and Sho version!) training. Students of Karate-Do, from beginner to the advanced ranks practicing according to this system, will be able to acquire well rounded skill through diligent practice of a systematic drills which are safe and fully controlled but nevertheless enables both partners to experience strong and decisive attacks and counters.

Continuing research in the same line of thought, here is the set of drills that is prepared for junior Dan ranks and other mature practitioners. Attempt was made to relate these sets of techniques as closely to the Heian Kata in question and somewhat increase pressure of successive attacks and induce appropriate defence strategy. These drills should be practiced in conjunction with standard (already mentioned) Sanbon Kumite drills.