Our club has facilities perfectly suited for a group and individual practice. Practice area floors are completely mated  with  karate mats, for the safety and comfort of our trainees.


The Kihon room (one dedicated to practice and training of a basic and advanced techniques) is equipped with all the necessary karate equipment: the Makiwara for daily forging of one’s punches and strikes; the heavy bag necessary for development of the reliable kicks; the soft standing bag for “touch” practice of children; rolling and tossing canvas bags for the floor exercises.

Change rooms with showers are provided for  the both genders. Practice rooms have extensive mirror wall coverage for the form exercise control.

Parent's area overlooks the presentation room.

This main dojo room is primary allocated for the daily Kata an Kumite practice. This space also contains  Shomen (procedural front of any dojo) with the important symbols of the club placed in a modest kamiza.

Central position is occupied by special hand made scroll with full  club name: Karate-Do Shotokan (Mississauga)  presented to us at the time of the club founding, by Sensei Frank Chan.

At the left side of the scroll  we have Kancho Takemasa Okuyama personal gift: magnificent original  calligraphy “Peace” symbolizing our unreserved dedication to peaceful conflict resolution.

On the right side we have modest shelf containing choice of serious karate literature, basic library,  always present  and symbolizing our dedication to seek the knowledge in perpetuity..