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Karate-Do Shotokan (Mississauga) will continue this exciting program: Summer Camp for Juniors in 2013! 


Karate-Do training benefits for juniors

are numerous:


  • Diligent training in technique and spirit of Karate-Do enables young individuals to develop a healthy body that induces proper mental vigor and determination
  • Forms a strong character through disciplined adherence to general human values: honesty, justice, patience and perseverance
  • Strengthens individual respect for the human environment and enhancing tolerance for others
  • Individual safety of the skillful karate-ka is positively emphasized
  • Reduces incidence of bullying and violent behavior in everyday life
  • Develops friendship through fun and games

Monday-Friday      9:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Cost: TBA$

Vist this page in early June 2013 for program details!

  Register now: spaces are limited to only 12 children! Sensei is personally instructing and guiding all classes and sessions!

If you require more information about Junior Summer Camp 
please call 
Sensei Dragan Kljenak at:

905 274 7852