Before Tournament Kata performance...Mehra's 'wicked' MawashiNiall and Matthew squaring of...



Enjoy some pictures from our lessons and events.more to follow

Yoko Geri Keage practiceJessica's Mawashi & Aisling Age Uke

Soft defense

Quick is right!Tenna discussing...
Miles' mighty fist!Adam's mighty fist!Matthew's mighty foot!
Felicia's Nukite practiceAsker leading Heian GodanZorica's Manji Uke
World Champion Luca Valdesi and KAO Chief Referee Sensei Zvonko CelebijaZorica deflecting Jodan punch and scoring!Dejana awarded bronze medal for her kata performance by WKF Champion l.Valdesi
Zorica awarded bronze medal for her kumite performance by NKA President N.GilliesGreeting Luca Valdesi, World Kata Champion, after his clinic for KAO .April 2007 Grading
Tenna leading Diana and Amilia through Heian NidanChance meeting with famous Bill Wallace in Croatia this summerSensei Hilary practicing solo

Manji uke application on faithful Jim with sensei Amy and Blair observing

Old guys being all importantRichard and Funakoshi Sensei
'Soft power'